Kramarska Straße 1

+48 (61) 223 60 61

Parkplatz 30 zł


Price per room
1prs. ab 100 zł
2prs. ab 130 zł
2prs. ab 170 zł
3prs. ab 150 zł
4prs. ab 180 zł
Price per bed
6prs. ab 50 zł
8prs. ab 50 zł


We will be very grateful for your cooperation and respect of these regulations, which provide you safe and quiet stay in our hostel.

  1. Rooms and beds in Retro Hostel are rented for hostel days.
  2. Check-in time of the hostel is from 14:00hrs. Check-out time at the hostel is 10:00hrs…failure to check-out may result in the guest being charged for an additional night’s accommodation at the standard applicable rate.
  3. If the guest would like to extend their stay at Retro Hostel please report it to the reception staff, not later than 10:00hrs of the departure day.
  4. If the guest did not specify the length of stay on the day of arrival, it is assumed that the room/bed is booked for one hostel day.
  5. To confirm the reservation the guest should pay 50% deposit of the total cost, not later than 48hrs prior to the arrival.
  6. Guaranteed room/bed reservation is until 18:00hrs. It will be cancelled afterwards, unless the guest declares „late arrival“ then it shall be held.
  7. Reservations may be cancelled or changed without charge if notice is given to Retro Hostel at least 48hrs prior to 14:00hrs (local time) on the arrival date. In which case Retro Hostel will refund all sums paid by the guest in advance. If the guest fails to give sufficent notice of cancellaton or fails to arrive, reservation will be deemed cancelled and the customer must pay an amount equivalent to the charges applicable to the first night’s stay at the hostel.
  8. Cancellations can be made after the guest has already checked-in, such request can be refundable on a 50% cancellation basis but only if the hostel is notified before 11:00hrs at the latest on a day from which the guest wishes to cancel.
  9. Guest(s) staying at Retro Hostel are not permitted to pass the room onto other people, even if the time of stay for which the guest had paid, has not yet expired.
  10. Each guest upon arrival is required to complete a registration card and present a valid identity document i.e (Passport or ID card). In the event of refusing to do so Retro Hostel may not allow the guest(s) to check-in.
  11. Visitors who are not guest at the Retro Hostel are only allowed to stay at the premises from 14:00-23:00 hrs. All guests take all responsibility for any of their visitors during the guest’s stay at Retro Hostel.
  12. Reception is in operation 24hrs 7 days a week.
  13. If the guest wishes to receive an invoice, they must inform the reception staff about it when checking-in.
  14. Curfew at Retro Hostel is from 22:00hrs to 07:00hrs
  15. The comfort, safety and security of our guests is of paramount importance to us. Any guest(s) who, in the opinion of our staff, compromise the comfort, safety or security of other guests, staff or local residents will be requested to leave the hostel premises and will not be offered a refund. Guests are expected to respect other guests, staff, local residents and property.
  16. On check-in all guests should inspect their room(s) and report any faults or damages immediately to the staff on duty at the reception at the time of inspection.
  17. Retro Hostel does not accept any responsibility for any vehicle belonging to any guests.
  18. The guest(s) will be responsible for any loss or damage caused at Retro Hostel by the guest(s) or visitors of the guest. The guest may be liable for hostels reasonable costs of repairing, cleaning or replacing any property which is damaged, soiled or lost by a guest.
  19. Retro Hostel is not liable for any loss or damage of personal belongings of the guest(s) staying at the hostel (specified in article 846-849 of the Civil Code).
  20. Private rooms should be locked each time the guest is leaving the room.
  21. 20 PLN returnable fee will be charged for the key from the guest staying in dorm rooms.
  22. 50 PLN fine is to be paid for every lost key.
  23. Smoking is not permitted at Retro Hostel, any guest found smoking within the premises will be fined 200 PLN.
  24. Due to the safety regulations it is prohibited to use in the room any sort of heaters or small cookers not being a part of the hostel’s equipment.
  25. Personal belongings left by the guest may, per their request, be sent to an address given by the guest. The cost of sending the package is covered by the guest. In the event of not receiving such an instruction, Retro Hostel stores the items for 1 month, after which the items are disposed of.
  26. If the guest does not vacate the room until 12:00hrs the hostel staff is authorised to enter the room in the absence of the guest(s), pack their belongings and transfer them to the luggage room.
  27. All guests are obliged to maintain cleanliness in all the common areas of Retro Hostel (bathrooms, kitchen / lobby area, corridor, stairwell)
  28. Retro Hostel is providing free information about your stay, travel, maps, flyers about the city, travel guides, tips and recommendations and other informations during your stay. We also offer free* luggage storage *(up to 7 days, after that period you will be charged)
  29. Retro Hostel services and facilities:
    • bedding,
    • towels (extra cost 5PLN),
    • coffee & tea,
    • upon request: hair dryers,
    • irons, ironing boards,
    • WiFi,
    • computer with internet,
    • TV (available in the lobby),
    • baby cot and high chair,
    • toys for children,
    • access to printer and scanner
    • radio
  30. The entire hostel area is monitored by CCTV 24/7 and under the protection of a security company.
  31. Kids up to 3 years old stay free of charge.
  32. Retro Hostel welcome animals, for the fee of 20PLN per hostel day.
  33. It is forbidden to consume alcohol in front of Retro Hostel entrance.
  34. Retro Hostel reserves the right to refuse accommodation to anyone under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
  35. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in any guest being asked to leave the hostel in which all charges and additional charges shall become immediately payable by the guest.

The management and staff of Retro Hostel will make every effort to ensure that the accommodation provided within the hostel is of a high standard. However, guests are reminded to remember that they use the services of a „hostel“ which is fundamentally different from the standard accommodation services provided in hotel facilities. If you are concerned about the quality of service, please report anything to the reception staff as soon as possible so that we can respond promptly.