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Parking 20 zł


Price per room
1prs. from 59 zł
2prs. from 89 zł
2prs. from 119 zł
3prs. from 119 zł
4prs. from 139 zł
Price per bed
6prs. from 30 zł
8prs. from 25 zł
1/2/3prs. from 159 zł

Welcome to the Retro Hostel Poznań

If you have found our website, it means… you couldn’t find better! 😉

Have you ever thought what RETRO is?

RETRO is an ironic view of reality – since why everything should be so serious?
RETRO is also a nostalgic look into the past – when it’s far away it’ll be really nice to recall all that time spent in our hostel.
RETRO also everything that we associate with a nice feeling, something that brings about a smile on your face: Cadillacs, bell – bottoms, big round sunglasses, spots – those small and big ones, gramophone records (vinyl records), old radios, colourful walls…

So if you only want to be in a good RETRO mood, invite yourself and your friends to our hostel. Don’t wait too long – book a place right away – the amount of places is limited 🙂

Retro Hostel Poznan, is situated in the centre of Poznan, very near such places like: a railway station (PKP), a bus station (PKS), Old Brewery Business and Art Centre, pubs, cafes, cinemas, swimming – pools, museums, theatres and Poznan International Trade Fair – everything within your grasp. A pleasant walk to the Old Market, which is the centre of culture and entertainment in Poznan, will take you only five minutes.


Już za chwilkę, już powoli, będziemy mogli zaprosić na naszą stronę internetową:))))) A tak poza tym można podziwiać nasze nowe logo...

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A jednak otwieramy!)

Na 100% powstanie najlepszy hostel w Poznaniu:) Hurra! - jesteśmy super mega szczęśliwi? No właśnie nie wiadomo, no bo ile to stresu, ile zachodu, a po co to nam - powiedziałaby mojej Świętej Pamięci Babcia:) Ale chcemy się porwać na głęboką wodę i poszaleć na jej...

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